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The Company “AGASON MOTOR SPARES” is subsidiary company of ‘AGASON MOTOR LIMITED’, Agason Motor limited is over 40years old company this company established for mainly Auto Vehicle Spares Parts, Tent and Tarpaulins, Clutch and Brakes, Grinding Maize Mills and precision engineering works etc.. . The company is an importer, retailer and wholesalers.

For an easy trade the Company Board and Management has divided the company in two parts first AGASON MOTOR LIMITED and second parts as subsidiary company “AGASON MOTOR SPARES”.

We have over 40years experience in our business, since 1964 to To-date comparing to a numbers of years we have been running the business it should and we proud that we have a tremendous experience, as a result of the tremendous experience our company shows annually growth.

We are in business of Auto vehicle Spares Parts, Motor cycles, Motor cycles Spares, Maize Grinding Mills, Rice/Maize Hullers, Diesel engines, Electric Motors, Lubricant Oil, Tent and Tarpaulins, Industrial Bearings, Generators / Invertors and Water Pumps, Clutch and Brakes, with a wide workshop of Precision Engineering works and Many more items…


Our Projects for 2004 as follows which has been successful.
  • We Stared our new section with Industrial Bearings and Oil Seals with verities and quantities.
  • Our Diesel Engines Spares Parts has expanded with full range of Spares.
  • Our Project to replace latest Machinery and Technology for our Workshop which has been ordered in will be install by April 2005.
  • In our workshop we added Diesel Engine Pump set Test section.
  • Our annual growth meets our targets.
  • During our success we are now imporing goods with our own brand (AMS).
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Tent & Tarpaulins
Maize Grinding Mills
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Diesel Engines
Electric Motors
 Industrial Bearings
Generators / Invertors
Water Pumps
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